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Excuse me far in advance for the use of any inappropriate run on sentences – that’s how I talk, and they are kind of my thing.

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent

From the time I was pretty young, I feel that I was a generally kind, future adult person. Letting other particularly sweet 3rd grade tyrants go first in the lunch line, holding the door open for older folks, and always paying compliments to others; like the time in 7th grade when *Suzie got that atrocious spiral perm, but I told her I thought it would look “fierce” if she just used some mouse or hair gel. (I probably said something far less cool than fierce, like great or fabulous or awesome; if I’m being honest.) Or the time in 4th grade that I got dared to pull *Ralphie’s pants down on the jungle gym exposing his tightie whities for all the other kiddies to see. I really just had a huge school girl crush on the little blonde surfer boy from California. I felt bad after the fact, especially since I  had to miss recess for a whole week. A week! I’m truly sorry still today, *Ralphie. (I did say generally kind, folks.)

The point is that I spent a LOT of time, my entire childhood in fact, just trying to fit in and get other’s to like me. I didn’t have any idea of the importance of being as “kind” to yourself as you were to others. That’s something you have to be taught and learn from early on; and I spent my life trying to prove my worth to others, instead of a simple knowing, that I was enough. In my early 30s, I’m finally starting to grasp the concept.

It only took a series of painful relationships, raising a kid in a single parent home, health related issues, and other various hardships to see the light even more clearly. Heck, to really see the light at all! My inner self’s voice grew louder than ever bellowing, “You’ve never really been kind to you *Bon Qui Qui.” Ouch. By the way, random fact, did you know that Bon Qui Qui in French means your steak is ready!?! (Well, not actually. That would be Votre steak est prêt. Ha! Reason #832 not to rely on Google for fact checking)

Ever heard the phrase, “Garbage in is garbage out?” I do not intend this to mean someone else’s definition of religion, spirituality, or general purpose for your life; another man’s trash is another man’s treasure and that whole bit. I’m just speaking about the crap nonsense we sometimes tell ourselves, without even really thinking about how damaging our own words can be. It doesn’t take long for that inner dialogue to tear you down – mentally and physically..

Practicing self-love is vital to sustain happiness, generate success, and to create the best version of ourselves. (Not that, ahem, type of self love that reminds you of a George Michael song.)

One of the best ways I’m finding to practice self love & care:

Be Gentle With Yourself

If you are giving 110% of yourself and it’s still not good enough:

  • Stop and evaluate who is saying it’s not good enough — is it you or someone else? If it’s you, pump your breaks, friend.. If you already know your giving it your all, why the heck are you going to try and belittle your efforts? One word that has made all the difference for me? Self – Affirmation. In other words, uplifting self talk. I like to find and reflect on a quote/verse that guides the tone/focus in my mind.

If it’s someone else whose doing the smack talkin’, remember you get to choose how you respond or don’t respond to their comments/behaviors. (Easier said than done, I know.) Negativity is born and bred from Insecurity, and some folks forget to take their chill pill every once and again. Don’t let that devalue your awesomeness! Also remember that there can be value even when the delivery is not tactful. Is there any part of the message you can apply that could help you? Take what you like, and leave the rest.


How are you practicing self care? What are some of your favorite positive self affirmations?
blog quote - self care dog

XOXO, -Bethany


Hello my fellow Pizza Face friends.  (Or acne prone folks over the age of 17)  Pimples. Zits. Whiteheads. Blackheads. Enlarged crater sized pores. The list of skin problems & annoyances plaguing first dates and big events for centuries could go on for an eternity. I intend to stop those little bastards dead in their sebum tracks. Going forward, I plan to implement the following 4 rules for my award winning oilslick epidermis.

Step 1: Quit being a slacker and clean my makeup brushes no less than every other week.

I will be the first to admit I have gone a month or more (maybe even 2 – yikes!) without cleaning my makeup brushes. And I mean the deep cleaning that they should be getting, especially since I’m rubbing them all over my face. Can you imagine the amount of bacteria that just sits on the brush head bristles each day growing and mutating into bigger and nastier bacteria (AKA: The Big Nasty) that you wipe all over your mug? Think Petri dish. Super yuck. Heaven forbid, you end up with pink eye, or worse; Ghana-herpa-cidus of the upper lip. (Sounds legit, right?)  Easiest/best/cheapest makeup brush cleaner? Baby Shampoo. Say no more. My favorite is the Johnson’s Baby Shampoo – No years formula. Gentle enough for babies delicate skin and tough on makeup brush crud.                                Johnson’s Baby Shampoo

Step 2: Always wash my face before bed.
Sure getting up and washing your face is totes easy, especially if your a morning shower-er like moi. But for those of you who have ever experienced a fabulous lengthy night out with friends, or gotten down right shnockered up (bamboozled works too), then you know all to well that facewashing is the last thing on your pretty little mind. (Ahem, how did that mascara get all over my pillowcase? Is that drool?) Current favorite facewash is Rodan & Fields Reverse regime. If you don’t have a local representative let me know and I can connect you with my girl, Amanda. They also have other great products for Acne, Rosacea, and Aging skin.

Step 3: Don’t skip toner.

This stuff is especially necessary in every oily girl’s face washing arsenal. It’s the step just after washing your face, and it really helps to eliminate excess grease and grime from your precious kisser. No joke. A friend shared with me the absolute best product, which I highly recommend if you don’t currently have a good toner. Plus it smells like roses, makes pores seem smaller, and contains no alcohol. I purchased mine from a local health food store for around $11 bucks. You can purchase your own by clicking on the below link.
Thayer’s Witch Hazel Rose Toner

Step 4: Don’t forget to moisturize.

Common misconception if your oily is that moisturizing will cause you to have a massive break out. Ummmm, only if your moisturizing with Crisco. For those that don’t know, that’s pretty much grease/pig lard used for Southern cooking in the United States. Bad for the thighs and your face.

If you moisturize with the right product for your skin, it actually provides proper hydration to your skin and prevents your skin from producing more oil. If your skin thinks you aren’t getting proper hydration, she delivers and not necessarily the results you want. Since I’m an oily chick, my favorite moisturizer is Cetaphil’s Derma Control Moisturizer for acne prone skin. Cetaphil Derma Control Moisturizer

What are your best “battle the breakout” tips or favorite products in your skincare routine?

Hi, my name is Bethany, and I am a Pinterest Junkie. It’s been 1 hour, 4 minutes, and 11 seconds since my last pin. I’m also a little skin/makeup obsessed, so shelling out hundreds of dollars in one trip to Sephora or Ulta has quickly lost its appeal. (Yeah.. *Cough.. Who am I kidding!?!?) But seriously, the below are my hands (and credit card) down favorites.

A couple of these I stumbled upon browsing the pages of Pinterest, and another was shared with me chatting it up in line at the grocery store when the cashier noticed my super enflamed eyeballs. I hope you will find these as useful & easy as I did. Added bonus? Most are free or achievable for under $5-10 buckaroos.


  1. Blackhead Be-Gone (DIY)  

What you need:

1 small Knox gelatin packet

A few teaspoons of milk


Mix into a paste and microwave for 10 seconds. Immediately apply it to areas of face with blackheads. Allow paste to harden on face for approx. 15 minutes and then peel off. Wallah! The disgusting forest of nasty dirt & grime on your mug is no match for this miracle weapon. Be careful peeling it off if you have sensitive skin as it adheres to your face but it does it’s J.O.B.

  1. Proper Use of an eyelash curler

What you need:

  • A good eyelash curler

My favorite is the Shu Uemura eyelash curler which you score here:

Shu Uemura eyelash curler – $21

Steps:   (Do these before applying mascara)

  •  Heat up the lash curler with your hairdryer for about 10 seconds (Be sure to use a low heat setting, so you don’t apply too much heat and burn your precious corneas off)
  • Open curler and insert lashes, making sure plastic strip rests on the root of your lashes as you close curler gently (No lash left behind!)
  • Curler should still be warm as you turn curler upward (creates better curl effect vs. just crimping your lashes)
  • Open/close the curler slightly giving short pulsing/pumps for about 10-15 seconds (while still curving the curler upward)
  • Open curler and VOILA! Beautifully curled and perfect lashes ready for mascara application!  (Repeat on other eye.)

3. Eyebrow/Eyelash Growth Serum DIY

* This one became my new favorite after purchasing an expensive growth serum that literally burned the heck outta my peepers – Uhhhh no thank you?!)

What you need:

  • 1tbs vitamin E oil
  • 1 tbs castor oil
  • 1 tbs aloe vera gel
  • Small empty container
  • Clean Eye brush (I use an old mascara wand that I’ve washed/sanitized)


Combine the ingredients and store in small empty container. Brush onto lashes & sparse brows before going to bed at night. Make sure to routinely clean the eye brush to avoid infection. (I wash with warm soapy water, spritz with alcohol, and lay flat to dry on a paper towel.)

What are some of your favorite beauty hacks/tips? 

Holy Mother of Pearl!

I’ve finally hit the jackpot of all jackpots in the game of teeth whitening. Transparently, I think teeth can never been WHITE enough; unless of course,they are to that freakishly level of white that is starting to turn blue. You know a guy, I’m sure.

I’ve struggled with always having teeth that were naturally a couple shades darker than my friends, and have always been self conscious about it. Especially with the never ceasing trend of Facebooking every “movement” of our lives through photos. Thank you, smart phone. I’ve definitely been guilty of using an airbrush app to soften my flaws, as I’m sure many reading this have, despite the fact that we might actually see one other in public. (Raises hand)

Those days are gone my friends. I have found the toothpaste for whom my tooths ache. Bad grammar totally intended. Let me introduce you to my enamel’s new best friend.

AP24 is the new love of my life, and I will love and cherish them at the price of $27.13 a tube, until dentist do us part. (That’s with tax and shipping included.)

Hugs and mega blindingly white kisses,


*Where can you score your own tube? Sadly, I think you must know someone who sells the toothpaste, cause it comes from one of those ever popular MLM companies I believe. This product is actually worth dishing out those hard earned pennies for. Luckily, my BFFs cousin is a distributor- hooray!) Here’s the link to score your own tube of this mouth crack:

Get my own AP 24 toothpaste!

To save a few bucks you can also email Amanda directly at and score your own tube for just $23 which also included tax & shipping.

The below before and after photos of her friend’s 9 year old son, is why she started using the toothpaste herself! Awesome stuff.


Think you’re a smart shopper? How much do you think you’ve spent on clothing/accessories in the last 3 months? For me, I would say probably around $300 bucks easily, and I am in no way, shape, or form trying to keep up with the Benjamin’s. We can all appreciate saving a little bit, especially in today’s times, where we are nickeled & dimed to death.

So many times when we “need” that new pair of heels or that new coveted designer handbag, we rush into the arms of our favorite department store (Names of the ever so innocent withheld for protection – righhhht).  Easy to do since they have virtually everything we could possibly ever want and more. But how long are you really going to wear/carry that hot new “thing” until the next best thing comes along? (Rhetorical, much?)

The point of all this, is that if you aren’t shopping at the Goodwill for some things, you are simply throwing your good hard earned mullah into a dark hole, and padding the lining of some other guy or gal’s pockets. Silk lined with gold stitches, I’m sure of it. (Unless you’re a SMART cookie, of course.)

My advice to you? Quit being so worried about red bottomed shoes and charm bracelets that cost enough to pay your mortgage for an entire year and check out your local thrift shop. Some of them give back to people in need, and you score a bargain at the same time. And you don’t have to fully commit a portion of your hard earned dollars to that purse that, let’s be honest, is going to be shoved in the back of a closet somewhere in the not so distant future. Been there, done that.

All of the below items I found at my local Goodwill, and all ringing up at less than $10! Less than 2 drinks at Starbucks AND all name brands. WIN/WIN. Check out the savings! What thrift shop goodies have you found lately?

black heel - MK- Goodwill

Michael Kors Berkley T-Strap Sandals: Retail at $99 – Goodwill Price $6

fancy plates goodwill

China dishes Similar to Spode Italian dinnerware: Retails at $145 (4 piece set) – Goodwill Price $1-3 a plate

gold purse goodwill

Small gold metallic clutch : Retail around $60-70 – Goodwill Price $4

Jessica Simpson heels Goodwill

Nude Jessica Simpson Heels -Retail around $80 – Goodwill Price $6

Leopard Shoe - Goodwill

Steve Madden (Possibly) – Retail around $80 – Goodwill Price $6

Happy Saving!


Great read worth the time! Provides an amazing perspective on Friendships, and the importance of diversity on any scale. Love and light.

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Many of you lovelies out there have that one material thing that makes your heart skip a beat. For my shoe gals, it’s that stop you dead in your tracks, department store, clearance rack, soul to sole connection kinda love. Or for the handbag honey, that gorgeous Ice gray Frye Melissa shoulder bag  that you have had your eye on for weeks.  (Wouldn’t mind having that one myself!) For me, the one thing that makes my pulse race, heart palpitate, eyes glaze over, and gets me all weak in the knees and drooly mouthed is lipstick. And I do not just go into a purchase lightly. I mean, I stalk binge watch some of my favorite You Tubers like Jaclyn HillCarli BybelNikkie Tutorials and other lip lovas before I ever make a decision on a new brand/product to try. Recently, I was on the hunt for a long wearing matte lipstick and after hours upon countless hours of comparing user reviews I narrowed my options down and decided to go with the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks only available online. Of course, I couldn’t just stop at one shade and went on an all out lippie bender and purchased 4! If you are in the market for a really beautiful matte lipstick, I highly recommend these. They don’t burn or flake like so many other matte lipsticks that I’ve tried, and the color fade and transfer is minimal after hours! As far as price goes, they are middle of the road ringing in at $18 a pop, but their longevity makes it worth every last cent. I guarantee people will be asking you 24/7 where you got your lipsticks!

See below swatches of the colors that I purchased. The super pink girly packaging, root beer scent, and cutesy names make these lipsticks even more fun. Enjoy!

From Left to Right: (Celebrity Skin, Sagittarius, Redrum, & Unicorn Blood )

Lipstick Swatches - J Star - May 2017

You can also see my daughter modeling the Celebrity Skin color in the below photo. One of our favorites right now!


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