Netflix Bingefest: Some Obsessions & Some Need to Watch! (Something old, something new)

What are your current binge worthy Netflix shows?

  1. Girl Boss – I am so bummed there is currently only one season of this on Netflix. I am in LURVVVVVE with this show! This is the loosely based story of Sophia Marlowe, a 20 something ruthless eBay entrepreneur with an ultra annoying laugh who is laser focused on creating her vintage fashion empire. She basically buys vintage thrift store finds, goes all Edward Scissorhands on them, and sells them for a crap-load more as she works to build her online empire.  At the beginning I was highly annoyed with the character of Sophia (played by Brit Robertson), but quickly fell in love with her quirky, messy, and fearless approach to life. Not to mention the amazing cast of other talents in this hilarious Netflix original. We’ve got Ellie Reed from 2 Broke Girls, who plays Sophia’s partner in crime, Annie, the perfect compliment to Sophia’s craziness, and the ultimate BFF. Not to mention RuPaul who plays the offensively loving crude neighbor. This is my new favorite. Bring on Season 2, Netflix!
  2. Working Moms – This is 100% hands down my latest obsession of mindless tv watching that keeps me laughing & from getting stuck on any emotional roller coaster like so many movies/shows out there. (Which I typically enjoy as well, but sometimes you just need to veg out and become one with your couch and 32 throw pillows without using even one brain cell.) This show is about 5 or 6 new moms and the joys & struggles of parenting and relationships without the heavy emotional overhaul of a show of it’s type. They come together and vent at some kind of mommy circle class where there babies play, but really it seems more like a hilarious therapy session for the moms. (Catherine Reitman, Dani Kind, Juno Rinaldi, Katherine Barrell, Jessalyn Wanlim, Nelu Handa, Novie Edwards, and more!) I hope you fall in love with the cast like I have! 
  3. Living With Yourself – I haven’t watched this one yet, but I’m really looking forward to it. It’s got Paul Rudd playing Miles Elliot, who has grown weary of his mundane life and jumps at the chance to visit a spa that supposedly offers a special treatment that is suppose to make you the best version of yourself, but instead it basically just replaces you with a better version of you. Can’t wait to see how this one plays out! 
  4. Surviving R. Kelly – Let’s just say I had a very small scale idea of what I was getting into when I decided to get sucked into this series. I knew that: A – I grew up listening to R. Kelly’s music AND B – That he had a history of pursuing younger females. This series is not to tell his story. This is the story of his victims and how his musical talents blinded many people in media, the music industry, and even law enforcement. It shook me for days, and when I say shook, I mean SHOOK. Don’t watch this unless you prepare yourself not only for tears, but the emotional aftermath that follows. A story that needed to be told, and justice that needed to be served, but truly hard to watch at times.
  5. ELI – Another that I have not yet started, but with it being October, this is definitely coming to a tv in my house in the next couple days! A young boy is plagued by a mysterious illness that makes him allergic to inevitably anything outside (from what I saw in the trailer). His parents are in desperate to find a cure so they land at an isolated clinic in what I think is the mansion from Hill House, since his tending doctor is Eleanor Crane from the movie The Haunting released in 1999. Not sure exactly on the relation just yet, but I’m ready to dive in! 

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