5 Fall Favorites

It’s the BEST time of the year! It’s FALL, in case you hadn’t noticed the cooler temps and the leaves changing! I look forward to this time of year more than any other season, and there are TONS of reasons why FALL rocks the pants off any other time of year.

If you haven’t quite converted to the ranks of Pumpkin Spice everything, don’t fear, there are so many more reasons why you need to embrace this season with open arms.

  1. Lower utility bills

Can we say goodbye air conditioner, Hello favorite flannel sheets? I am going to invest in a new pair this year, and I’m borderline obsessed right now with the black & white buffalo plaid print. This super cute reversible quilt set on Wayfair may be making it’s way to my house and out of my online shopping cart sooner rather than later.

2. Fall Skincare Products & Routines

Aside from my 8-5, I’m also a licensed Esthetician, and nothing gets me more hyped than new skincare products. Combine skincare & Fall and my little heart gets to pumping. (As if Fall candles and coffees weren’t enough!) I’m really excited to try the brightening enzyme mask by MALIN+GOETZ that has pumpkin and pomegranate enzyme in it that will brighten my skin and exfoliate all the dead skin cells – Sayonara, Summer!

3. Scary Movies

Does it really get any better than a dreary night inside curled up with blankets, cozy socks, a bowl of your favorite fall soup or chilli, and a candle that smells like baked goods? I think not. Netflix & me are about to chill. Recently I started watching the Stephen King & Joe Hill adaptation of “In the Tall Grass,” but confused as all get out, opted for my favorite cult classics instead like Carrie, The Crow, & Scream.

4. Fall Festivities

Don’t like haunted houses? Don’t worry. There is a whole flock of folks who love fall who would never set foot near an old abandoned house where people actually pay to get chased with a chainsaw. I’m one of the flock! However, there is a TON of other really fun Fall activities to take part in. Cookie baking with your friends or kids, Fall Pinterest crafts, driving on country back roads looking at all the colorful foliage, corn mazes, the list goes on. One event I’m looking forward to attending this year for the 1st time is a Zombie Crawl in the hip little town of Eureka Springs.

5. Fall Clothing

Nothing conceals a muffin top better than the big cozy sweatshirts or sweaters that you wear in the Fall. In fact, have another pumpkin butterscotch muffin! I won’t judge.

This year the Pantone color of the year is Living Coral , which honestly is a great color for most any season (aside from maybe Winter), so I love getting inspired by looks created around the color of the year, like this sweater.


What’s your favorite season & why? 

What type of content would you like to see more of on this blog?


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