Stop and smell the dish-soap: Scrub Daddy Review

For the past who knows how long (which feels like a real indefinite period of time), I have chuckled watching my mom purchase these smilin’ little yellow sponges to wash her dishes by hand that she saw on Shark Tank long ago. Dish washing by hand!?! I never could quite jump on that bandwagon due to the timeliness of it all, and not to mention dawning ever so smexy prune hands. Which brings about a whole other thought as to why we get all pruney when soaking our extremities anyway — brought to you in part by a moment of my ever exciting adult ADD. Interest peaked? Click here, Prune Hands!

But back to the archaic days of washing dishes by hand – who really does that anymore other than my Mom and Grandma? Mom finds it “soothing to her soul,” she says. My reply, “Step away from the sink and no dish gets hurt!” That’s until she purchased me my very own Scrub Daddy. She’s a real barrel of monkeys, that one.

So I decided after about 2 weeks of staring at the smiley little creep, to take Mr. Smiley and my precious little phalanges for a dip into the soapy pits of dish-washing hell.

I find the grubbiest & grimiest pan with cheesy scrambled eggs bits that I typically would soak for a couple hours before ever attempting to scrub pre-dishwasher. I grab the Scrub Daddy and go to town. Pieces of egg on top are coming off pretty easily, but they are building up on my sponge so I do a quick cold water rinse and the sponge goes from soft and pliable to rock solid. (Had I read the instructions initially I would have known this is totally normal and not some voodoo sponge trickery)

I take a second pass at the brown bits of seared egg on the bottom of the pan,  and the firm sponge texture is literally scraping them away with ease! Eyes widen, jaw drops. Get outta dodge my new magical scrubby friend!


  • Doesn’t smell
  • Changing texture for need based on water temp (Cold for firm, warm for soft)
  • Easily sanitize in microwave or top dishwasher rack
  • Easy hold with eye holes for fingers (Again, kinda creepy but super effective)
  • Made & packaged in the USA (German material)
  • Non toxic
  • Latex & BPA free
  • Lasts longer and stays cleaner than the Petri-dish of a sponge sitting at your sink now (Toss it for the love of all that is holy!)


Buy the sponge!! It makes dish washing by hand so much easier and dare I even say pleasurable!?!? Four snaps in a Z formation.

4 snaps

Happy scrubbing! 🙂



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