Whiten teeth in days

Holy Mother of Pearl!

I’ve finally hit the jackpot of all jackpots in the game of teeth whitening. Transparently, I think teeth can never been WHITE enough; unless of course,they are to that freakishly level of white that is starting to turn blue. You know a guy, I’m sure.

I’ve struggled with always having teeth that were naturally a couple shades darker than my friends, and have always been self conscious about it. Especially with the never ceasing trend of Facebooking every “movement” of our lives through photos. Thank you, smart phone. I’ve definitely been guilty of using an airbrush app to soften my flaws, as I’m sure many reading this have, despite the fact that we might actually see one other in public. (Raises hand)

Those days are gone my friends. I have found the toothpaste for whom my tooths ache. Bad grammar totally intended. Let me introduce you to my enamel’s new best friend.

AP24 is the new love of my life, and I will love and cherish them at the price of $27.13 a tube, until dentist do us part. (That’s with tax and shipping included.)

Hugs and mega blindingly white kisses,


*Where can you score your own tube? Sadly, I think you must know someone who sells the toothpaste, cause it comes from one of those ever popular MLM companies I believe. This product is actually worth dishing out those hard earned pennies for. Luckily, my BFFs cousin is a distributor- hooray!) Here’s the link to score your own tube of this mouth crack:

Get my own AP 24 toothpaste!

To save a few bucks you can also email Amanda directly at koch_24@hotmail.com and score your own tube for just $23 which also included tax & shipping.

The below before and after photos of her friend’s 9 year old son, is why she started using the toothpaste herself! Awesome stuff.


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