Smart Shoppers Only

Think you’re a smart shopper? How much do you think you’ve spent on clothing/accessories in the last 3 months? For me, I would say probably around $300 bucks easily, and I am in no way, shape, or form trying to keep up with the Benjamin’s. We can all appreciate saving a little bit, especially in today’s times, where we are nickeled & dimed to death.

So many times when we “need” that new pair of heels or that new coveted designer handbag, we rush into the arms of our favorite department store (Names of the ever so innocent withheld for protection – righhhht).  Easy to do since they have virtually everything we could possibly ever want and more. But how long are you really going to wear/carry that hot new “thing” until the next best thing comes along? (Rhetorical, much?)

The point of all this, is that if you aren’t shopping at the Goodwill for some things, you are simply throwing your good hard earned mullah into a dark hole, and padding the lining of some other guy or gal’s pockets. Silk lined with gold stitches, I’m sure of it. (Unless you’re a SMART cookie, of course.)

My advice to you? Quit being so worried about red bottomed shoes and charm bracelets that cost enough to pay your mortgage for an entire year and check out your local thrift shop. Some of them give back to people in need, and you score a bargain at the same time. And you don’t have to fully commit a portion of your hard earned dollars to that purse that, let’s be honest, is going to be shoved in the back of a closet somewhere in the not so distant future. Been there, done that.

All of the below items I found at my local Goodwill, and all ringing up at less than $10! Less than 2 drinks at Starbucks AND all name brands. WIN/WIN. Check out the savings! What thrift shop goodies have you found lately?

black heel - MK- Goodwill
Michael Kors Berkley T-Strap Sandals: Retail at $99 – Goodwill Price $6
fancy plates goodwill
China dishes Similar to Spode Italian dinnerware: Retails at $145 (4 piece set) – Goodwill Price $1-3 a plate
gold purse goodwill
Small gold metallic clutch : Retail around $60-70 – Goodwill Price $4
Jessica Simpson heels Goodwill
Nude Jessica Simpson Heels -Retail around $80 – Goodwill Price $6
Leopard Shoe - Goodwill
Steve Madden (Possibly) – Retail around $80 – Goodwill Price $6

Happy Saving!


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