Lipstick Fever

Many of you lovelies out there have that one material thing that makes your heart skip a beat. For my shoe gals, it’s that stop you dead in your tracks, department store, clearance rack, soul to sole connection kinda love. Or for the handbag honey, that gorgeous Ice gray Frye Melissa shoulder bag  that you have had your eye on for weeks.  (Wouldn’t mind having that one myself!) For me, the one thing that makes my pulse race, heart palpitate, eyes glaze over, and gets me all weak in the knees and drooly mouthed is lipstick. And I do not just go into a purchase lightly. I mean, I stalk binge watch some of my favorite You Tubers like Jaclyn HillCarli BybelNikkie Tutorials and other lip lovas before I ever make a decision on a new brand/product to try. Recently, I was on the hunt for a long wearing matte lipstick and after hours upon countless hours of comparing user reviews I narrowed my options down and decided to go with the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks only available online. Of course, I couldn’t just stop at one shade and went on an all out lippie bender and purchased 4! If you are in the market for a really beautiful matte lipstick, I highly recommend these. They don’t burn or flake like so many other matte lipsticks that I’ve tried, and the color fade and transfer is minimal after hours! As far as price goes, they are middle of the road ringing in at $18 a pop, but their longevity makes it worth every last cent. I guarantee people will be asking you 24/7 where you got your lipsticks!

See below swatches of the colors that I purchased. The super pink girly packaging, root beer scent, and cutesy names make these lipsticks even more fun. Enjoy!

From Left to Right: (Celebrity Skin, Sagittarius, Redrum, & Unicorn Blood )

Lipstick Swatches - J Star - May 2017

You can also see my daughter modeling the Celebrity Skin color in the below photo. One of our favorites right now!


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