Bucket List for Loungers

Bucket Lists. Everybody talks about them, a LOT of people have them. Many go even further and actually have completed most, if not all, items on their list. Me? Most of the time I think I’m still looking for the bucket!

The crazy thing is, I really like making lists. I mean, I thoroughly enjoy a good to-do. I could put a pen to paper, organize/reorganize my day, and still not accomplish a thing. True story. (Short attention span and all. Did someone say tacos?)

I enjoy being lazy so much in my down time, you would probably assume that being productive in my professional life would be nearly impossible. Snowball chance in hell, right? Wrong-O, my friends. This slacktastic little soul gets ish’ done.

I’m here to tell you first hand, if you embrace your inner-sloth in your free moments, you too can join the ranks of ultimate bad ass.

The point to all this? I’ve wanted to start a blog for a hot minute. Longer than the time I wanted to be a professional photographer, (even though my subjects looked like airbrushed space demons), or that one time I thought getting a face tattoo sounded like a fascinating idea. (Thank you baby Jesus, I change my mind as frequently as my underwear!) No one, in my opinion, can rock that look quite like Kat Von D. No one.

Needless to say, maybe I don’t have to find this supposed bucket after all. Maybe I’ve had it all along. Or maybe our journey & shared stories are not meant to fit in someone else’s definition of what our bucket should be. (Like this blog) Maybe breaking & bending the rules can stimulate new ideas, unlocked potential, and new found passions. Even if we hit snooze a few extra times along the way.

Bucket with flowers - 1st post

What’s in your bucket?


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